LemonCraft [1.12]/[CommandBlock MiniGames]

LemonCraft [1.12]/[CommandBlock MiniGames]

LemonCraft [1.12]/[CommandBlock MiniGames] ip: lemoncraftserver.duckdns.org

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Welcome to LemonCraft!

LemonCraft is a classic minigame server. It's a pretty young one, so we haven't got a lot of minigames yet (only three): PitchOut, TheStoneKing and InfectedFlag.

The only difference between LemonCraft and many other minigame servers is that our minigames run using command blocks only! Well, of course we've got a few plug-ins (WorldEdit, iPortal to create portals to join a minigame and BungeeCord to connect each minigame to the lobby), but they are not vital. Each minigame works properly without plugins!

About the server...

We didn't update our minigames to 1.13 yet, which means that you must join this server in 1.12. We don't accept cracked versions yet as well.

The server is hosted in France, but you're all allowed to join! Everything is in English. The IP is lemoncraftserver.duckdns.org (lcsrv.duckdns.org works as well).

Staying in the lobby is pretty much boring at the moment as there is nothing to do in there, except a parkour that will give you elytras if you finish it.

The name of this server actually comes from a song that C418/Weebl made, called "Lemons"... yeah. I used it in one of my videos (yes, I'm a YouTuber) and it just kinda became a meme among all my friends.

Anyways, blah blah blah, let's talk about the minigames, shall we?

The Stone King (between 2 and 15 players - 6 or 8 recommended)

TSK is an original minigame. All you need to do is just endlessly mine through tunnels in order to eventually find the enemy base and assasinate their king! Of course, your own king musn't die, that's obvious.

At the bottom of each tunnel you'll mine through, there is a special stone. Break it and your pickaxe will get more powerful, and you'll be able to dig more blocks! You can also trade everything you mined with your king in order to receive food, armour, swords, placeable blocks, and so on.

Click here for detailed rules about The Stone King: https://benjiwoomy.wixsite.com/lemon/the-stone-king

Infected Flag (between 2 and 15 players, at least 4 recommended)

IF is a mix between three popular minigames you may all already know: Domination, CTF and KOTH. The objective is very simple: you must infect the enemy flag by standing on it until the percentage displayed on the screen says 100%. Once you did this, your team will get a point. The firs team that gets 6 points win! However, you can't always stay on the flag and keep infecting it. Once it's fully infected, you need to run away as creepers will appear to make you go away.

The map is actually pretty big and there are lots of secret passages and tunnels that can help you create your own strategy.

You can choose between 8 different classes (bowman, pyro, warrior, barbarian, etc.) to fight in this minigame. Each class has a special attack: from speed potions to powerful creeper eggs!

In addition, when a player kills 3 enemies, a random event will be triggered among 7 different ones.

Click here for detailed rules about Infected Flag: https://benjiwoomy.wixsite.com/lemon/infected-flag

PitchOut (between 2 and 15 players)

PitchOut is a mess. In PitchOut, you must throw your enemies away using your bow or your shovel. If they fall in the water, they'll lose a life. Each player has 5 lives: when you lost all 5 of them, the game's over! The last player that is still alive wins.

You can also find random items on the ground sometimes, such as:

  • Arrows
  • Spectral arrows
  • Enderpearls
  • Grenades
  • Special eggs that can trigger random events

There are 5 different random events in this minigame, like random extra lives, packs of grenades, etc...

Click here for detailed rules about PitchOut: https://benjiwoomy.wixsite.com/lemon/pitchout

The staff

Well, this server is pretty recent, and as there are not many players there yet, the staff is a pretty little team.

  • BenjiWoomy is the owner of this server, and also the only developper.
  • Luttyz hosts the server, he's therefore admin.
  • MillaBasset helped us build the lobby and he's admin as well.
  • A few other people also helped us to build the lobby, such as schulensprengen, xNovaNotesx, etc.

Anyways, we really hope to see you soon on the server! Don't forget to check the YouTube video I also linked here, it shows a quick gameplay of each minigame we've got. Have a nice day! owo

LemonCraft [1.12]/[CommandBlock MiniGames]
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