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Have you ever managed in your wondering mind? That you want to become the next, Rockefeller, Carnegie, JP Morgan, Vanderbilt, and many more. Have you the determination, the ruthless, and the will. To conquer everything and be on top. Well, look no further with Machines Mafia. 


An RTOS program that lets you monopolized anything you desire. With no government forcing you down. Relive the life of industrialist will you conquer the land or be conquered by your enemies. 


RTOS Has blessed your desire with all automation Technology that lets us start from the ground up. However, there are few environmental challenges locals around won't like your kind and will kill on site. Another is the night creatures they will be around you like hounds. So I say it again do you have what it takes to conquer the land or be conquered.

Machines Mafia
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Machines Mafia IP51.81.151.129
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Registration DateDecember 02, 2020
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Version 1.12.2
CountryUnited States of America flag