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MC Central - 100% original hand coded plugins!

Minecraft Central is the greatest mini-game server available. With several 100% hand coded game modes, we try to recreate the feel of some of the most popular game modes offered. Give us a try! Listed underneath is our most popular game modes!

  • Prison
    • Rank up from cell block Z to cell block A, Mine your resources and sell it off to pay for rank ups. Become the king of the prison! Minecraft Central offers many distinct game modes within it's prison server. Do /warp LMS to go to the last man standing mode. Battle other players in the prison arena with the goal of being the last man standing. The last man standing wins a special loot crate key giving them better items and more money. For voting you get 20 levels and $10,000 of in-game money. There have only been 3 resets to prison. 
  • Skyblock
    • With Minecraft Central's skyblock, you'll get a plot of one skyblock island surrounded by void to fill with your creations. Test your mastery of minecraft by using extremely limited resources to fill your island with buildings, mob spawners and more.
  • Factions
    • With semi-regular resets, Minecraft Central's Factions server is designed to be a very competitive factions server. Join with your friends and try to dominate other factions. With factions, you can claim a plot who's size is determined by how many members are in your faction. Grow massive and control the server!
  • KitPvP
    • Minecraft Central's KitPVP mode allows you to gain money from kills and use that money to upgrade your armory to become even stronger! Every user gains access to two kits, Kit Recruit and Kit Potions. With different maps and warzones, Minecraft Central's Kit PVP game mode is sure to keep you entertained for months to come.
  • Survival Plots
    • SMP minecraft within a lobby server! The goal is to survive and build an advanced base within your plot. Having to forage for resources and materials to build up your base, you will be challenged with hordes of angry mods who want nothing more than to eat you for their next meal. If you think you can handle surviving, give this game mode a try.
  • Creative
    • Minecraft Central's Creative mode allows users to build whatever they want using vanilla minecraft blocks. Minecraft Central actively looks through plots and if there are any which stand out immensely, it may be added to the spawn lobby.
  • Arena PvP
    • Duel other players in either 1v1 matches or team duels. Have a gripe to pick with someone? Hammer it out here. Players are able to edit kit layouts for this game mode, which allows users to measure skill instead of who has the best gear. Minecraft Central offers 8 maps using different themes, Blue, Green, Red, Desert, End, Nether, Snow, and Grass. 

MC Central
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