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This is a humble, small server with a vibrant community with a few additions to enhance that vanilla experience, such as towny to claim and protect your land. Come enjoy a simple survival server to live in. Explore, gather, build, trade, make friends, play the way Minecraft was meant to be played. 

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Q: What version is the server?
A: 1.16.1. We always try to update to the latest version ASAP. 

Q: What is towny?
A: Towny is a very popular plugin that the server uses. It’s used to make a “town”, clan, group, whatever you want to call it. You can invite friends to your town, and claim land. Claiming land will prevent hostile mobs from spawning, and only let people in your town edit the blocks and use doors and such.

Q: Is there upkeep to towns?
A: No. Unlike other servers, there is no upkeep cost you need to pay to prevent your town from disbanding. In fact, we have the opposite. A negative upkeep cost. Get PAID for each chunk your town owns. The more your town expands, the more revenue you make each day!

Q: I just want to build. Will PVP be a problem for me?
A: While PVP is enabled, you lose NOTHING on your claimed land. Neither xp nor your inventory. So the only person who has anything to lose from raiding is the raider. You do not drop xp or inventory on death on your claimed land, or on any towns claimed land that’s in the same nation as you. 

Q: Is there any kind of over claim enabled on this server?
A: Nope.

Q: Are there mobs?
A: Yup. The server is on normal difficulty. Hostile mobs do not spawn though on claimed land.

Q: Is this a friendly or toxic server?
A: This is a friendly server. Pretty much everyone is here to build, grind, trade and communicate.

Q: Any special plugins?
A: Yes, a few! Such as the brewery plugin, letting you make various alcohols! And the werewolf plugin, letting you become one of three werewolves! We also have a recently added pets plugin to catch and train them to fight by your side. We also have a vampire plugin in the works, so be on the lookout for that!

Q: Is there a discord?
A: Yup! Once online, type /discord

Q: Is there a dynmap?
A: Yup! Once online, type /map

MC Empires
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MC Empires
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