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Now operating on 1.16.3! is a new Survival + Minigames server with 3 different Survival worlds, Creative World, Quests, Player Shops, SkyBlock, Build Battle, Soccer, Spleef, Paintball, Parkour, item-based economy and more! Choose between PvP/nonPvP, Grief/No Grief and Survival difficulty for the gameplay experience that best suits you!

Ranks are now available! Perks include /hat, /me, trail effects, renaming and loring, chat feelings, exclusive dinosaur Block Pets, and more.

Build Battle is here! Choose to play either Solo or Team Build, you can even choose your partner so bring a friend! 

Block Pets are now available in the Donation Store. With several different skin packages to choose from including Farm Animals, Mystical Creatures, Pokemon, and more! There are so many options to make your Block Pet the pet of your dreams!


1. Plain and simple, we want people to have a good time.

2. Follow the posted rules for each of the three survival worlds: FriendlySurvival, GriefSurvival, and AntiGriefSurvival.

3. Aggressive and foul behavior will not be tolerated. Teasing is fun up to a point.

4. Don't complain if you lost items because of failure to read the information given to you.

5. Racism and hatred are not allowed on this server. We want everyone to be able to play and have fun.

6. Any type of cheating is against the rules.

Plugins installed on server: Gringotts, Vault, Spleef, Simple_Paintball, Multiverse, Essentials X, BlockLocker, SimplePortals, SmoothSleep, EpicSkyblock, MarriageMaster, NPCAuctions, and more!
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Version 1.16.3
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