MCEmpire | | custom coded factions

MCEmpire | | custom coded factions

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Love Factions but tired of the same thing over and over? Join MCEmpire today

MCEmpire is a a 1.8 based Custom Coded Factions server. With lots of hard work and effort, we are proud to announce the official release of this server and community. As a player from the factions communities, I am used to the same plugins on every single server with the exact same thing over and over again. The team here has decided to take everything we know, and transform it into  a much more entertaining and professional experience for players. MCEmpire is a fun experience for players to enjoy and has a great and competitive factions community. 


This server includes:

- Custom coded factions

- Parkour Mini-Game Mode

- 1v1 Duels for players to test PvP skills on eachother

- Quests for players to earn money from accomplishing tasks

- Custom Shop and Auction

- Hand built creations

- Custom Coded Crates

- Loot Drops

- In-Game Prizes

- & much, much more!

We hope that every one of you enjoy your experience and come back, help us grow as a community and give players a new experience of MCEmpire factions.


MCEmpire | | custom coded factions
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Registration DateJuly 19, 2018
Last Pinged6 days ago
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Version 1.8
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