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Welcome to the Melon Nation Network! Here we try our very best to bring our players the best type of games, entertainment and the nicest staff around :D Join the Melon Nation Network NOW! To experience the amazingly built servers we have just for YOU! You can choose from a variety of servers, more of a PVP person More hardcore Take a look at our Factions Server! Our Factions Server is a basic Factions Server No OP Factions yet, that is currently in Development!. Not a PVP person You like a more calm type of gameplay we got ya on that one too! Come play on our SMP Server SMP2 and SMP3 Coming Soon to the Network! Our PVE or as most people call it SMP, we have a very unique way of setup, its kind of like a role play server but at the same time a survival server. In our SMP Server you can Marry, Survive, Compete, and open custom made crates! Dont like either Kind of like Hardcore but at the same time a little peace Well come check out our Skyblock Server! face the challenges in game and compete to become the best! Melon Nation OPEN NOW TO THE PUBLIC!!!


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Server Info

SMP1 - Open

Smp2 - Development

Smp3 - Development

Factions - Open

OP Factions - Development

Skyblock - Open

OP Skyblock - Development!

Minigames Server - Development!


Melon Nation Network!
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Discord Link
Registration DateDecember 12, 2017
Last Pinged1 minute ago
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Version 1.12
CategoriesPVPRoleplaySkyblockSMPOP FactionsOP SkyblockEconomyFactionsLobbyMinigames
CountryUnited States of America flag