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We are a great server with many different game modes to suit all of your juicy Minecraft dreams. We are always open to suggestions and would love to improve or upgrade anything we can in the current modes to ensure they are of the highest possible quality. If you have an idea, let us know! It will not go ignored. We currently have the following available game modes for you to enjoy on our server:


Start out with some decent gear to use to farm different mobs around the map. Upgrade your gear and create whatever you'd like in this survival environment. You'll be able to quickly start doing whatever interests you the most - whether that be grinding mobs or building a giant castle. Join up and have at it!


Start your very own town within any of the game's beautiful biomes. You'll need to work to upgrade it! Take on different jobs to earn money and supplies to build and expand your small town into a flourishing city with hundreds of citizens. Make new friendships and form partnerships with other towns around the game. Will you be the one to rule over them all?


Begin your journey on a small area of land only a few blocks deep way up in the sky. You'll need to use your knowledge and resources to grow this tiny island to a bustling world... or "block"... in the sky. Gain access to new materials, different creatures, and a plethora of other cool features just waiting for you to unlock them. Come try out Skyblock today, don't look down!


Build whatever your heart desires! As long as it's not distasteful that is. You'll be able to jump right into your own plot of land with adequate building space to construct whatever type of building or attraction you'd like. Use redstone to animate your newly built structures and bring them to life.

Join us on this lag free server today!

Server Information
Minelife IPminelife.dk
Registration DateJuly 31, 2018
Last Pinged12 minutes ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.13.2
CountryDenmark flag