[MINESYNC.INFO] - [McMMO Skills] - [Friendly] - [Land Claims] - [PvE] - [Medieval Lore]

[MINESYNC.INFO] - [McMMO Skills] - [Friendly] - [Land Claims] - [PvE] - [Medieval Lore]

[MINESYNC.INFO] - [McMMO Skills] - [Friendly] - [Land Claims] - [PvE] - [Medieval Lore] ip: minesync.info

Vote For [MINESYNC.INFO] - [McMMO Skills] - [Friendly] - [Land Claims] - [PvE] - [Medieval Lore]

The Background

MineSync started out as a small Realms server for a few players to enjoy themselves on.  As time went on we noticed a lot of lag on Realms and decided that it was best that we upgrade to a shared hosting company.  Due to the switch we lost a few players but we are slowly building back up the community. That’s why you’re seeing this post here, we want you to become apart of the MineSync community!

The Server

Currently we are running through a shared hosting company with 8GB of DDR4 memory and an incredible processor which equates to no lag!  We have a multitude of plugins that increase player interaction and encourage players to trade with one another for different items. This is a Semi-Vanilla server so we try not to stray too far from the main game but do add little extras such as the “Mob Heads” plugin so players can work toward a goal. We are always looking for new suggestions and you can contact me in-game as the [Swheet].

What We’re Looking For

We are currently looking for loyal players who are ACTIVE in the community.  We want players who play as a team and not as a lone wolf all the time. Teamwork is a great way to build new friendships and give the server a more close knit community feel. Hopefully with this we can make a large interactive community and all have a good time playing on MineSync!

Our Rules

  1. No Grief/Theft

  2. No Hacks/Mods/X-Ray/Flight

  3. No SPAM/Advertising/CAPS/Offensive Chat!

  4. No 1x1 Towers, Bridges, and Tunnels!

  5. No Offensive Builds/Symbols/Pixelart

  6. No AFK-Fishing

Our Goals

MineSync only has a few goals set in mind such as:

  1. Grow a community [30-50 Players]

  2. Take suggestions from the community and implement them in-game as fast as possible.

  3. Make a server website

[MINESYNC.INFO] - [McMMO Skills] - [Friendly] - [Land Claims] - [PvE] - [Medieval Lore]
Server Information
Discord Linkhttps://discord.gg/CFGVpeW
Registration DateSeptember 26, 2018
Last Pinged5 minutes ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.12
CategoriesPVESurvivalSemi Vanilla
CountryUnited States of America flag