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The server is modded survival with a modern city with a traditional city not far way and medieval town to and small villages along the way we have a main railway line going threw the world. you can drive your trains on we have a roads mod to to connect your towns and citys.


You all can add your towns to the roads and rails you can build your own houses in survival and make a town or city you can buy plot town plots and city plots in the world there expensive thou just ask the owner/co-owner they will help out or the gms there helpful to you can buy or rent land of buy a big plot of land and put your own houses on to sell them to players or rent and make a lot of money threw it our money system is modded money you get from killing mobs or players then spend in our shopkeepers shop for your goods got to a atm for storage of your money.


We have one minigame called build battle if you vote each day on server you get money and a gift if you go into our mall you can buy your building blocks food and trains but there expensive the trains the furniture is good priced the mall is still being worked on but we will broadcast it when a shops are completed. 


You can have a job in the server i will be making custom jobs to there is a rank going for train driver you will get payed to when you join please read the rules and look at the banned items board in spawn hope to see you all soon stay safe. we are now open now join soon.not setup votes yet but will soon if want want to try trialgm ask gms or founder search it up on twitch launcher ModernRealityCraft20UK

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more coming soon

Mods List

AmbientSounds by CreativeMD


architecturecraft by darkevilmac

Chisel-MC by tterrag1098

CTM-MC by tterrag1098

extrautils2 by RWTema

FastLeafDecay by olafskiii

Ferdinand's Flowers by c0_0ry

Fureniku's Roads by Fureniku

furniture by MrCrayfish

Hwyla by TehNut

ImmersiveEngineering by BluSunrize

ImmersiveRailroading by cam72cam

jei by mezz

journeymap by techbrew

malisiscore by Ordinastie

malisisdoors by Ordinastie

mcjtylib by McJty

mcw-roofs by sketch_macaw

NeverEnoughCurrency by Zundrel

obfuscate by MrCrayfish

Pam's HarvestCraft by pamharvestcraft

rftools by McJty

TrackAPI by cam72cam

traffic control by CSX8600

vehicle-mod by MrCrayfish

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Discord Link
Registration DateNovember 15, 2020
Last Pinged25 days ago
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Version 1.12.2
CategoriesSurvivalCityBuild BattleModdedTowns
CountryUnited Kingdom flag