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Welcome to MultiPvP Network. The most dangerous bird lives here
We birds goal is to fly our players to the top and that is exactly how we have been doing for 4 years and we will continue with that.

MultiPvP Factions is built in the best possible way, with everything built on simplicity and elegance, what we have achieved is something fantastic. A server unique to its class and a server that takes Minecraft to another level. Together with the worlds best community and staff team, we take Factions to a level. We build the server based on our players needs and together with the community to make a server that I or not you have done but we built together.

The Staff Team
MultiPvPs staff team is carefully selected and has undergone a high quality test. We at the MP staff team have extremely much knowledge that is unique to their class. With our rewarding staff out assessment system, all our staffs have undergone several maturity tests to see how well they qualify, to choose the best possible .. We in the staff team constantly monitor the server, we help you around the clock so that you will get the help and support you need. This also allows you to meet only legit players, ie not hackers, because they are away in seconds by our award-winning staff members but also by our fantastic anticheat.

Built with simplicity and elegance
Nothing on MultiPvP has been downloaded, everything is built with the hands of our carefully selected building team with the community to build a server we want. In connection with the construction, we have designed everything on the MultiPvP Network with simplicity and elegance, so that it is easy for you to find on the server and you should feel welcome to enter and play.

Hosted on Dedicated host for hundreds of people
Hosting servers on rubbish budget coughs is something we do not stand for, everything that is to be released to the public must have quality and stability. We at MultiPvP have our servers on a well-tested Dedicated server suitable for managing several hundreds players at the same time so that you can feel safe in your gaming and know that the server is available when you want to play.

DDoS Protection
You as a player need not worry about the server going down. MultiPvP is part of a strong DDoS protected network with unlimited protection so that the server will not crash. This applies to all sub-servers in the MultiPvP Network. What results in this Yes, the server will never crash because of DDoS Attacks, which gives everyone a security which is one of the most important factors here on the MultiPvP Network.

Security - for the players
It is extremely important that players feel secure, therefore we have up our forum where we will inform you always if the server will be down, why, and when it comes up again, this means that you do not have to worry that the server should just disappear away without knowing why. This gives you a sense of security, which is extremely good. We have been up for 4 years and this is proof of our existence and that we are not a community that is shut down on and off at regular intervals and when it does happen you should be aware why of course.

This is just the beginning - The server is in full work
Our staff team at MultiPvP is working hard to add new features every day. This is not a server that stands still completely dead, here you have to expect that something new has come when you come in today - or tomorrow.

You are really welcome to worlds nicest community MultiPvP. Adventure refined.
See you there!

MultiPvP Factions
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MultiPvP Factions
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