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MutinyCraft is a hub server that is primarily focused on building a great community based gameplay. We do not try to compete with the large servers with our player base, but we do try to offer a friendly welcoming environment that will make you feel at home when you log onto our server. Our staff players are very active and can assist you with most issues.

Survival Server: Our Survival server has several plugins that are extremely unique, and that other survival servers are lacking.

Economy: The Survival server also features a robust player based economy with player run shops for all your shopping and building needs!

Factions: Our Survival server also features factions, peaceful as well as PVP based ones. You can also create your own faction once you reach Leader rank.

mcMMO: The starting ranks on the Survival server give you unique skill sets to choose from like Warrior, Miner, and Farmer. Once you progress the ranks you can unlock all skills and abilities mcMMO has to offer!

Grief Protection: On our Survival server we do not tolerate any grief found. If grief is found, we can roll it back instantly. Don’t be afraid to build! We’ll make sure it stays safe and sound!

KitPvp Server: Our kitpvp server provides custom made kits from our very own player base! We also have lots of Call of Duty maps to fight on, like these fan favorites; Terminal, Hijacked, Nuketown, and Erosion!

Survival Games Server: Our Survival Games server features over 80 kits to choose from! This creates distinctive gameplay because of the different kit combinations! Guaranteed to give you a fun experience!

Creative Server: MutinyCraft also has a creative server to build on! Make an application on the forums for a plot request for a small 250,000 dollars from the survival server! Each player that pays gets a 200x200 plot and creative mode for all their building desires!

Hardcore Factions Server: The Hardcore Factions Server is MutinyCraft's newest addition! Players can instantly create factions the moment they join! The server also doesn’t have chest protection, grief protection, and barely has any rules like our Survival server! Players can also use vote points to gain traction with their faction, putting them on the path to being the most powerful faction! The Hardcore Factions Server also allows you to buy spawners and trade in blocks for money unlike anywhere else! Players can even travel to the End! The server also features faction chat and many other faction commands. Oh and PVP is enabled everywhere except for spawn so have fun!

Feed The Beast Server: Mutinycraft now also has an exciting Feed the Beast server where players can spend endless hours crafting new and exciting items that have never been in vanilla Minecraft! Players can build reactors, jetpacks, and almost anything within the server! Be careful though because there is no chest protection, although there is town protection instead! Come on and enjoy all the fun possibilities!

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Registration DateJanuary 16, 2017
Last Pinged1 minute ago
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Version 1.11
CountryUnited States of America flag