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I think the question that most try to answer is what makes our server different than any other Minecraft server out there. Now I could sit here and list every individual feature that our server has that others dont. Like a custom leveling system unlike any other. Instead, ill tell you the one thing that I know for certain that we have that no other server has. 

Our Team. Cheesy maybe, but its the truth. Something that puts us apart is simply the dedicated members we have that want to make the server better every day for you, the player. The server before you is the accumulation of all our knowledge. Put into a server to bring you the best possible play experience we can. Built and actively updated, I give you, Naturva.

Oh, and heres that list of features. 

Custom mining plugin adding unique aspects to the vanilla mining system

Custom fishing plugin adding unique aspects to the vanilla fishing system

Naturvas Leveling System
A scalable leveling system that implements a unique way to unlock new permissions and titles!

Naturvas Quest System
Daily | Weekly quests to unlock rewards!

Naturvas Vanity Titles
Unique titles that can only be earned at certain times.

Seasonal Events
Seasonal events + Random events!

Discord Chat Link
Minecraft and discord chats. + A custom discord bot!

Naturvas PlayerShop System
Set your own shops at your base and advertise them in a GUI!

Naturvas Vote Reward System
Vote for points to spend in a GUI! + Monthly top voter rewards!

Ideas in the back log.

Custom Item plugin.
Adding in tools and armors to be earned + Scrolls to add buffs to said items.

Got a neat idea that you think would make our server better Join our discord and drop the idea in the dedicated suggestions-bugs channel for a staff member to review and the community to give feed back on!

Lastly, we use discord for just about everything. You can join via the link below!

Server Information
Discord Link
Registration DateJune 17, 2018
Last Pingedabout 12 hours ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.14.4
CountryUnited States of America flag