OlypticMC ip: play.olyptic.com

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IP: play.olyptic.com
Version: 1.13


On OlypticMC, we hope to provide the very best Minecraft survival experience to you, bringing frequent updates and new content to keep your gameplay active and fun. We promise to provide all we can for your enjoyment. Your experience means everything to us, and we aim to go above and beyond your expectations with smooth and high quality server updates. 

If you’re ever confused about something in-game, feel free to ask a staff member or use /ticket and you will receive a response back to your question in a timely matter! Our veteran Minecraft server staff team will be able to assist you with anything you may need during your OlypticMC adventure. Whether you're not sure how something works, or if you need to report an abusive member, they're here for you around the clock.

OlytpicMC is dedicated to ensuring that you have a great overall experience. We use top of the line hosting services to ensure that everything runs without a hitch. No lag or random disconnections, no matter where you are in the world! On top of this, we only use premium, or high quality custom made plugins and mods to enhance your gameplay experience. Everything is tested rigorously to ensure that you will benefit from the updates without problems.


Towny: Create towns for you and your friends. Build and expand to create a true sense of community within the game. 
MCMMO: Practice and develop skills to earn perks and other abilities!
GriefPrevention: Claim and protect an area of land for yourself!
SilkSpawners: Harvest mob spawners with silk touch!

The Rules:

No Stealing
No Random PVP
No Greifing
No Spamming
And Finally, No Hacking.

Come give us a try today! You can visit us at play.olyptic.com! Our website is currently in development, but will be released soon.

Server Information
OlypticMC IPplay.olyptic.com
Registration DateFebruary 01, 2017
Last Pinged4 minutes ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.12
CountryUnited States of America flag