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Omegacraft, a Spanish speaking Minecraft community. We boast thousands of active users, easily destroying our competition. With many original game modes, we offer a strong community which offers healthy competition and rewards. Below are some of our listed game modes


Try to survive if you can, vanilla gameplay with other players. Fight pillage and dominate your enemies. With several packages to choose from, elevate your gameplay with custom ranks, kits, and resource packs. Play today!

Ultra SkyBlock

This game mode places you on an island in the ether. Try to survive with only an island, lava, water, and a tree. You must build a base with limited resources, as well as complete challenges offered to you. Only a true Minecraft expert can win this mode. Try it today!

SkyBlock PvP

This game mode, like Ultra SkyBlock, SkyBlock PvP puts you in a sky block world, but this time, you play with other players. The goal is to expand your base while eliminating your enemies. Although, this game mode has PvP elements, because of the extra starting islands, there are more resources available to you. The final survivor is the winner. Give it a try if you dare.


OP Prison server, mine fast for your freedom. You must pay your dues for your crimes, start at the lowest cell block and prove your dominance by mining more and more. Trade your ore you mine from the prison mines for money which you can use to move up in the system. Only one inmate can be at the top. Can you escape?


Hunger Games pits you against many players in a coliseum type battle. You and several players spawn in a central arena and must search for items located in chests around the surrounding landscape. The last one standing is crowned winner or the HungerGames. Can you survive?


You and your team spawn on a floating island. Your objective is to defeat all the enemies on their island. Kill them or knock them off to win. Last team standing is declared the winner. Do you have the skills to decimate your enemies forces?


Faction servers allow you and a group of players to form a faction. Your faction allows you to claim a piece of land depending on the number of users within your faction. The goal is to hold your faction together while defeating your enemies in return. Survive, build farms, and destroy your enemies with Omegacraft Factions.


With multiple biomes to fight in, Full PVP offers an intense fast paced kit pvp experience. With long range weapons, short range weapons, and potions at your disposal, you have to be a true powerhouse to take people down. Use the map to your advantage, with different biomes and terrains, confuse your enemies so that you may take the win. Take advantage of traps, and more. Prove your worth today!

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Version 1.8
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