OMS Crazy Craft 4

OMS Crazy Craft 4

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OMS is a community getting started with Crazy Craft 4. We look to see you on the server and have a good time!

Requirements are needed to get the game to launch correctly. Head over to the forums on the website to make sure you have everything required.

ZERO Tolerance on:

Racism/Offensive language, Cheating/hacking. More rules will come as issues arise to keep the server suitable for long time players and newcomers.

If you are having any issues connecting to the server head over to our website to assist you and getting you connected. You can click this link to head over to the forum.

OMS Crazy Craft 4
Server Information
OMS Crazy Craft 4 IP00.
Discord Link
Registration DateSeptember 08, 2020
Last Pingedabout 14 hours ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.7.10
CategoriesPVEPVPSurvivalForgeSmallCrazy Craft
CountryUnited States of America flag