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We are a family friendly community survival server that welcomes all kinds of players. From young to old, east to west, everyone is welcome in our minecraft server family!  You can build and protect your builds, play with your friends, create a shop, take out players in pvp arenas, and work together to take out the ender dragon. Our server has much more to offer, but you will have to read on to find out!

OnePeace has recently upgraded to the new Minecraft 1.13 version! After many days of hard work we have finally made the change. Our 1.13 server is very new. While we have some of the old features from the previous server applied to the new one, we have reset and rebuilt almost everything for you guys to enjoy. Almost all items have been reset and will not be ported over to the new server at this time, there are a few exceptions to this, though.

Build contests are held every month! Every month has a different theme and certain rules that you will need to follow. You can enter the contest by yourself or with your friends from the server, there other multiple different categories and prizes. We also hand out prizes for each month's top voters! Promoting and supporting the server helps us grow, and it is important for us to show you our appreciation for all of the help.

Our server was built on... well, building! We have the best plugins around to help you build amazing creations and keep them protected from griefers. Along with this, we have plenty of other plugins to make our server stand out from the crowd and offer a better game play experience to everyone on our server. The epic staff team is available to help you whenever you may need assistance.

We can't wait to see you at OnePeace!

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One Peace
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One Peace
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