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Painted Prison is a new and upcoming non-OP prison server! We have plenty of basic prison features which have been adapted to make the server more enjoyable and fun for all of our wonderful players. We pride ourselves in making the server a safe and friendly environment for all of our players and staff alike. Begin mining and work your way up the ranks of this hardcore yet addictive prison system! 

Our current features include: 

Lucky crates - open to win incredible prizes while you play! 

We have many new features planned in upcoming updates:

Quests - complete quests while playing the game to earn different rewards that will be helpful throughout your journey in the prison.
MCMMO - level up different types of skills that will enhance your abilities to perform certain tasks like mining and even PvP.
Plots - earn your own plot to be free of other prisoners while you play.
More ranks - respect, and likewise ranks are earned as you progress in the prison system.
Pets - the prison can get lonely... so get yourself a pet to keep you company while you make your way through the ranks.
Prestige - earned the highest possible rank? Prestige to continue growing and fighting while still leveling up your skills.

And many more! If you want to get ahead of the game, or have some cool cosmetic upgrades to make you stand out from the crowd, be sure to check out our store!

The staff team is always on standby to help you out when necessary. Treat them with respect and they will do the same to you. Do not violate the server rules if you're not ready to face the consequences! If you believe a staff member is abusing you in any way, please report this to an upper ranking staff member immediately for investigation.

Painted Prison
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Painted Prison
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