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Below you can find all of our current partners. Are you interested in becoming a partner? Make sure to Contact Us

Ownage Hosting

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Your choice for all your Minecraft Server Hosting, Virtual Server, or Web Hosting needs! Now with locations in North America, Europe and Australia

Minecraft Server Maker

MCPE Server Maker is a mobile app that allows you to easily host a Minecraft: PE Server with the ease of use of a mobile app.

It's the perfect alternative to regular hosting services for Minecraft, as it's way more user friendly.

BlackBox Server Hosting

BlackBox Provide high quality game server hosting.
Check their services out if you'd like to find a good game server host for your minecraft server.

Server Miner

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ServerMiner is the number one choice for hosting your own Minecraft Server. They give you total control over your server and include awesome features such as player tracking graphs, instant mod-pack installer and much much more. Join 1000s of other gamers using the button below.

Zap Hosting

Zaphosting 7f5e5268d8a30d58dd00443b14bdc48a3de0479ce1404ab6755a142a9ff331e6 is hosting high quality Minecraft servers, gameservers, Teamspeak servers, VPS, root servers and more. Our comfortable Webinterface makes managing your server and installing mods a simple task. With DDoS protection! Server locations in North America and Europe.


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Here at PandaServ we are focused on the best minecraft experience for your server and players, we offer a large range of servers - from having both budget and premium plans to fit your needs. We also offer amazing support for your needs from pre-sales to support with your servers after purchase. We help you grow your server with having up to date panels, server versions and with fast support to help you with your server.