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Rsz elixirlogo

ElixirNode delivers an unbeaten amount of horsepower at extremely competitive pricing. They're home to the 3900X based SuperiorVPS known throughout the industry as being the single best high performance game VPS solution.

BlackBox Server Hosting

BlackBox Provide high quality game server hosting.
Check their services out if you'd like to find a good game server host for your minecraft server.

Server Miner

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ServerMiner is the number one choice for hosting your own Minecraft Server. They give you total control over your server and include awesome features such as player tracking graphs, instant mod-pack installer and much much more. Join 1000s of other gamers using the button below.

Zap Hosting

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ZAP-Hosting.com is hosting high quality Minecraft servers, gameservers, Teamspeak servers, VPS, root servers and more. Our comfortable Webinterface makes managing your server and installing mods a simple task. With DDoS protection! Server locations in North America and Europe.