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Welcome to PixGrove!

PixGrove SMP is community driven, offering a non-competitive, survival multiplayer gameplay experience. Molded by its community, we incorporate features, update our rules and implement suggestions by the players through having approachable and active staff. We do not restrict players when building, raiding or looting unclaimed land while prohibiting cheating and/or hacking.

We ask that you treat others as you want to be treated and have fun!

SMP features:

  • Land-claim system and grief prevention

  • Playtime tiers and Voting ranks with rewards

  • Player run shops

  • Emotes

  • Resource world reset once per month

  • Creative world for higher rank.

  • No Survival world resets


  • Public communication will be in English: announcements via discord.

  • No racism, sexism, discrimination or harassment.

  • Looting and raiding is allowed; Griefing is not allowed.

  • PVP is enabled! No PVP within claims without consent.

  • PVP outside of claims is at your own risk.

  • No Block Drama - Keep it in the game, about the game.

  • No lag machines. No lava casting. If a build conflicts with the rules, it is not allowed.

  • AFKing and AFK machines are allowed; you AFK at your own risk!

  • No hacking, cheating or clients modded for cheating

  • No Advertising of services that are in competition with PixGrove

  • For a more in-depth explanation of these rules, join our discord!

    Server Information
    PixGrove IPjoin.pixgrove.org
    Discord Linkhttps://discord.gg/Q4Srm2t
    Registration DateDecember 01, 2020
    Last Pingedabout 3 hours ago
    Minecraft Server Statistics
    Version 1.18.2
    CategoriesCreativeSurvivalSmallSemi VanillaSMPCommunity
    CountryUnited States of America flag