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Welcome, Minecraft traveler to a world of your own making!

We host a variety of servers on our humble network! Where you can join from Minecraft 1.7 all the way up to Minecraft latest release (and beyond). We even do snapshots on our server, so you can enjoy the new features of every snapshot without leaving your favorite network! You can also still play on our other servers (which are still on the latest release -- not snapshot) in the latest snapshots! That's right we are a latest snapshot server and latest snapshot network! We always update to the latest snapshot when we can! And you don't lose a thing!

Our servers:

- Snapshot: Latest snapshot with claiming, homes, and other essential items.

- Release: Latest release with claiming, economy, crates, etc.

- Stratoblock: Skyblock with a twist! It is Skyblock meets a modded adventure, where YOU the player get to thwart custom mobs to defeat the enemy of the Skyblock realm!

- Chest Quest: Hard survival with only 15 lives! The only rules are: no hacks, no exploits, and no lag machines! Everything else is fair game!

- The Mine: Mine ores, kill mobs, and PvP for money! The top 10 in money get a special prize!

Join us today at!

Plasmere Network
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Plasmere Network
Discord Link
Registration DateNovember 06, 2018
Last Pinged25 days ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.7 to 1.19 including 1.17 and 1.18
CountryUnited States of America flag