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Hello and welcome to Prime Kingdom!

Our new and growing server has a little something for every type of Minecraft player out there, and plenty of things to do. We offer a survival server where you can team up with friends and try to survive the harsh wilderness, a creative server to let you build whatever your heart desires. If neither of those interest you, we also offer Spleef, Parkour, a dedicated PvP server, and the Abandoned World...

The Abandoned World spawns you in a small cave, with PvP enabled and no grief protection whatsoever. Raid, steal, do whatever you want - there is nothing safe here. Do you think you can handle it?

The staff team and I are constantly watching over all aspects of the servers to ensure that all of our players are having a fair and fun experience. One thing we pride ourselves in being a completely non pay to win server. You are able to unlock absolutely everything in the server without spending any real money. donators will never have an advantage over non-donators.

Rules on the server are simple and to the point. Do not abuse any hacks, cheats, or exploits in any way. Do not grief other builds, this includes 'helping' other players with builds - if they do not request help, please do not bother them. Excessive swearing, racism, sexually explicit content or anything of the likes is frowned upon and will end in a ban if you the issue does not stop. Any attempt to harm the server will result in a perma ban immediately!

Come and join the growing and friendly player base over here and get a head start! There is alot on this server and this simple description does no justice, so I'd like to invite you to my website! I hope to see you there! Come and see us!

Prime Kingdom!
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Prime Kingdom!
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