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Are you looking for a server that is dedicated to delivering its players the best experience possible? PRIME SURVIVAL gives players the opportunity to play their way!

Protect your land and chests, PVP in an epic arena, take part in weekly events and challenges for AWESOME rewards, and build an empire with your friends to dominate all others!
Build your own shop and sell your items, trade with players to obtain those UNIQUE ITEMS! And most of all, come enjoy a server that thrives off its community and is supported by amazing staff.

With a host of plugins to enhance the user experience, you can be sure to find what you’re looking for. Join the active discord channel to keep up with news and events, share your ideas and thoughts, and connect with fellow players.

Players have access to kits, warps, set homes, and much much more.

The staff are actively developing and improving the server and appreciate all comments and feedback regarding Prime Survival.

Prime Survival
Server Information
Prime Survival
Discord Link
Registration DateJune 26, 2019
Last Pingedabout 12 hours ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.17.1
CategoriesPVPEconomyPVESurvivalMCMMOTownyVanillaCrafting DeadSemi VanillaTeam Survival
CountryUnited States of America flag