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Come join us at Project of the day, a small survival minecraft community with
plenty to see and do thanks to our array of customized plug-ins, including:

Essentials, LWC, Economy, MCMMO, Creative Gates, Chesthunt, Towny, MyPet, SkyBlock and many more!

Our server currently consists of four worlds for our players: a main world for all players to enjoy, A resource world for you to tear apart looking for resources, a creative world with normal terrain generation, and finally a creativeflat world where you can claim a plot and put your favorite creation on display for all to see.

In the main world PvP is not allowed, but we have constructed a PvP arena for players wishing to duel each other.

Our server staff is friendly and active, and will be happy to assist new players in learning how to use our plugins, while also working to maintain a family-friendly and troll-free atmosphere for the server.

The following are absolutely not allowed: Spamming, ALL CAPS, Raging in chat, Real life threats, Advertising, Threats or actions of DDOS, and Using hacked clients to gain an advantage over other players Such as but not limited to: ForceField, Aura, AutoClick, AutoBow, AutoEat

Finally, we have a teamspeak server, the address of which can be found at our website, though it does not always stay as family-friendly as our server chat!

Server Rules

  • Do not abuse bugs, exploits, or hacks - please report any problems you find to a mod or staff member immediately.
  • Do not disrupt the chat. This includes a variety of rules such as: English only, no swearing or excessive CAPS, no advertising or spamming, do not beg for items or ranks, and do not disrespect other players on the server.
  • Absolutely no griefing. Do not destroy or take other player's belongings under any circumstances.
  • No inappropriate weapon names.
  • No AFKing. If you are not online, you may be kicked by a staff member.
  • No unprovoked killing. Duels and friendly fighting is permitted, but do not attack or harass other players without consent.

Project of the Day
Server Information
Registration DateJanuary 20, 2017
Last Pinged1 minute ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.12
CountryUnited States of America flag