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Pure Vanilla is a friendly Minecraft survival server which allows any player to join and have a great experience playing with friends without the hassle of creating your own server. We are open 24/7 and are updated to the most recent 1.12 update. With a small set of rules, our staff ensures that all players are treated fairly. We aim to keep this server as if you just joined a single player survival world, meaning no cheats, hacks, or excessive mods. It has been our standard to keep the server entirely lag-free, giving you the best experience possible since the opening of the server. It's our belief that you shouldn't have to go through frequent restarts, or have "game-play" that is such low quality to the point of being near impossible to play. With that said, we are a Bukkit server. This allows us to keep the server without that lag you most likely experience on other vanilla servers, which is a major factor that sets us apart from the rest! Plugins we have will never interfere with the game, we do all that we can to make sure server pure vanilla. Players can only use is /vote and /buy; only for the sake of helping us grow! Others we have are entirely cosmetic and for staff use only. This means there is no /spawn, /tpa, /home, etc. Hundreds have joined, so why shouldn't you! We will never limit what a players does on the server, as long as they follow our rules. This is a server for everyone, if you don't mind minimal swearing! We want a safe place for anyone to play, but unlike many, we also don't want to enforce heavy rules to the point of making us bland and too strict! Leave your legacy and become a member today! Join now at:!

Thank you, and happy crafting! 

Pure Vanilla
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Pure Vanilla IP142.4.206.183
Registration DateJanuary 28, 2017
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Version 1.12
CountryUnited States of America flag