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Welcome to PylonicPvP, an aquatic land full of PvP, Raiding, Fun, and More!
We are planning on releasing our first ever BETA Map on November 10th, 2018. This BETA Map will last a few months, or until we have fixed everything we can find and are confident in releasing our full first map. Rest assured, we want everything to be in tip top shape before we officially release!
We are not always looking for staff, but applications are always open. Submit yours for a chance to be contacted.
We are a relatively new server, yet we will never stop growing and improving.
Here on PylonicPvP, we have 3 main events.
1. The Kraken Boss
While this isnt 100 complete as of the time we put this up on server lists, it will be a very hard boss. He will summon lightning and squids and do whatever he can to kill you! He will however drop very fancy loot and other treasures.
2. Pirate Raids
We are planning on hosting a Pirate Raid Event every few days. Whats a Pirate Raid Event Pirate Raid Events, or PRE for short, will be basically giant pirate ships spawning all over our ocean warzone.
On these ships, will be Custom Pirate Mobs you must fight, along will other nasty mobs. There will be lots of treasure on these ships from the stealing pirates you can take!
3. The last event, is Sharks Minnows. These wont always give loot, but our Event Team will be hosting these whenever the players want one. Yes, you heard me, whenever the staff and players want this event, it will be run. While not always giving loot, it will always be fun!

Feel free to stop by and hang out a little, maybe make a faction and rise to the top.

Well see you there!

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