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Join the RedstonePvP community! RedstonePvP is a customized Minecraft server with a challenging gameplay. We have friendly staff ready to help you out and to keep the server clean of cheaters and hackers. The stable player base is small but cozy, we are very tight knit community and will only continue to grow because of this. The server is running custom plugins that deliver the best experience out of any other PvP oriented server out there, and is located in France to give EU players a smooth and seamless connection. 

The server offers several fun elements, such as:

  • Competitive PvP
  • Regular updates
  • Duel arena
  • Loot parkours

We plan to continually and regularly update the server with new game modes and features for everyone to enjoy. Suggestions are not only welcome, but very much appreciated! The server is online and stable because of the amazing community we have, so we'd like to create type of game that you guys would like to play most. RedstonePvP takes pride in letting our player's voices be heard for ideas and new content.

Donations are accepted via our Store page. We offer a variety of different ranks, utilities and items that can be accessed and used within the server. Check out everything that is available to gain some cool ingame perks while also contributing to keeping this wonderful server alive. All packages available are processed via a secure payment gateway, and are balanced in the server to avoid pay to win situations. 

Run into a problem? Message one of our epic staff members for immediate help. They are friendly, active, ready and eager to help resolve any issues you may have. Please show them respect, and they will do the same.

We hope to see you shortly. What are you waiting for? Join our server now with ip

Server Information
Registration DateFebruary 01, 2017
Last Pingedabout 1 month ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.12
CategoriesParkourPVPKit PVPSmallFunDuelCommunity
CountryNetherlands flag