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Are you looking for Minecraft's era of Role Play? Well you've found it! Roleplay MC is a network of servers where you can do nothing but play the role of your dreams within Minecraft. Whether it's a superhero from Marvel Comics, a top figher within Injustice, or even a space explorer going to other planets in Minecraft! Roleplay MC is full of original assets, let's take a more in depth look of some of our servers.

Marvel MC

Play as whatever kind of character you want, whether it be a hero, assassin, villain or mercenary. Choose your own path and complete quests to obtain Symbiote and other types or rewards or battle it out against iconic Marvel heroes while fighting crime. Events occur periodically for you to participate including a mega brawl called Infinity War where you face off against the mighty Thanos and his partner Loki. Other events include Symbiote Invasions where the city will be forced to defend against Venom's black viruses, and you have the ability to create your very own Marvel-Related events!

Injustice Craft

Based on the ever popular Injustice console game, you'll be able to play as any of the game's characters to work towards completing quests and unlocking the Ultimate Edition all while clashing with your favorite superheros and villains inside iconic locations from each of their respective universes. You'll be able to work towards unlocking costumes, improved color quality and protection as well as plenty of other useful perks.

Space Adventures

Placed on the Earth with nothing but a few starter tools, you'll need to work your way up to building a spaceship. Once built, you'll be ready to launch into space and begin exploring many different alien planets where you will find new wildlife and battle crazy monsters. From time to time we host drop parties where we give out jetpacks, spacesuits and other useful tools for your journey.

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