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What is our server about?

Vanilla World is a unique kind of server. What makes it so special? One thing that sets us apart from the others is that we do not allow griefing to occur while maintaining the 100% vanilla Minecraft gaming experience. We do this by using a system in which every player gets teleported to a different part of the map, hundreds of thousands of blocks away from anyone else. This makes griefing incidents very unlikely!

While we are not technically vanilla because of this, we believe in order for every player to enjoy the same vanilla experience, certain plugins are required. This is truly a one of a kind server because we write most the our plugins ourselves to make your experience as unique as possible.


You can use these command in-game to perform actions and teleport:

/start This command will place you at a location far away from anyone to begin building and sets your home there. This resets your inventory and deletes your previous home if you already had one.

/modreq <message> This will create a ticket for moderators and admins. Mainly used to have your home set at a new location. /home Teleports you to your home location. Note if you want your home spawn location changing you have to use the

/modreq command to have a moderator set it.

/sharehome If you wish to play with another player you can type this command so that they have the same home point as you. Make sure you trust this person as there is no command to undo this.

/tell Sends a private message to an online player (@ alias)

/reply Reply to a received private message (@@ alias)

/spawn Teleports you to the spawn where a villager trading center and end portal can be found

/tpa Sends a teleport request to a player

/help Displays this Find out more on our website:

Vanilla World
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Vanilla World
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