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Hello, and welcome to The Forgotten Realm!

TFR is a Towny and economy survival server, originally founded in December of 2017. We shut down for a time in 2018, but as of the end of 2018, we're finally back!

Here, we focus on enhancing survival gameplay without going too over the top. Our backbone is Towny, which allows for the thriving towns and nations you will find scattered throughout the realm. Most of our towns are always willing to take in new members, but if you'd rather lead, Jobs Reborn is run alongside Towny to provide means to make your own!

But that's not all! Other features from our plugin list include:

- MCMMO; Build up skills to unlock sweet perks just by playing the game!
- Custom enchantments; Over 50 new enchantments seamlessly added to vanilla Minecraft's Enchantment Table!
- LWC; Lock your chests, furnaces, shulker boxes, and doors, and allow only specific people to access them!
- GUI-based, player-owned shops, all accessible with one command!
- and more to come as the realm grows!

We sincerely hope that you can come along on this journey and find a home here! The community is open and friendly, and we're very proud of the easy, casual environment which our small but dedicated staff team strives to maintain. We work hard to make sure that everyone plays fair and has a good time during their stay! Here, your experience is important to us. 

So, what are you waiting for? Become a part of The Forgotten Realm! Just remember to check our /rules when you join! And if you bring your friends, and we'll throw 10,000 dollars your way for each person you invite!

The Forgotten Realm
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Registration DateDecember 28, 2017
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Version 1.13.2
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