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IronKingdom is a Server featuring Multiple Mini Games including Sky Wars, Egg Wars, Paint Ball, CS:GO, PVE, and many more fun mini games. We have Extra Plugins for Factions and a few features (like actual working tanks!) that make us that little bit better than all the other faction servers. So why not come a give us a try? We have additional measures to protect your in game account so when you connect please register to do so when you join type /register <pasword> <pasword> But instead of <password> write a password of your choice Note: Dont type in your minecraft account pasword we dont want to know it.

Iron Kingdom
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Iron Kingdom
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Registration DateDecember 29, 2017
Last Pingedover 1 year ago
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CategoriesPrisonPVPSkywarsCrackedEgg WarsFunCapture The FlagEconomyFactionsMinigames
CountryUnited Kingdom flag