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Big servers? Yeah, I see you. I see you with your fancy-ass animated banner, and your 5000 player count. There's just nothing fun about that.

"No swearing in chat", chat only reaches 500 blocks, "We have so many minigames!", "Family Friendly Staff!", Everything ends with !!!!!!, "CAN I HAV OP PLZ?!"

Fuck that shit.

Jeretho is small - you'll get to know everyone who's online. We're a chill group. And as for rules, there aren't any. Found a castle? Raid it! Built a castle? Well you'd better protect it.This leads to our motto: "Build shit, Break shit."

Factions max power per player is 40, 5 gained per hour and 5 lost per death.

The server shop is small with reasonable prices, players are encouraged to build their own shops.

Flying is enabled in Wilderness. This results in some interesting mechanics:

  • You can fly to explore
  • You can't fly when attacking another faction
  • You can unclaim and build with flying, just re-claim before fighting.
  • Castles actually have a purpose, as do public transportation systems.

Also, explosions in claimed land are disabled. I know this might make you raid-fanatics upset, but I passionately despise obbybox factions. We've got multiple cities currently because of this rule. If you want to topple a faction and steal their stuff, you'll need to kill em the old fashioned ways - and/or have some guys on the inside. And/or convert their members against them. It's all around a fun time.

Final note: We run version 1.8.9, because it's the last good version. The Combat update is dumb. (Shields are okay, but a cooldown on attacking is fucking childish.)

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