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Tier 2 gaming

Tier 2 gaming

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Tier 2 Gaming utilizes the game founded mechanics originated from Vanilla, transferred to a new industry standpoint. Spicing it up with small twists, with our wide range of innovative plugins custom made just for Tier 2 Gaming. . New items, trees, food and blocks. Heard of Lucky Blocks? Well we have our own spin on it. Highlighting Slimefun to create a whole new aspect to the server where you can really establish a house by using all of our implemented elements.Here at Tier 2 Gaming, we enjoy a grief-free, drama-free environment. Where all races, ages, genders, and identities are all welcomed. We employ only the most friendly, helpful and reliable staff members to guarantee a consistently pleasant server on which anyone can play on. So If you want a safe, friendly, supportive community, then look no further.

Tier 2 gaming
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Tier 2 gaming
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Registration DateJanuary 22, 2018
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