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This is an open world, rp, pve, pvp server! Go out, survive, make a town, build with friends, farm, make money, and explore!



Become a werewolf! Transform into a fearsome beast during full moons. Perhaps even become an alpha wolf! Level up to gain the ability to transform whenever you want. Join one of three different wolf clans with unique traits!

Become a vampire! Conquer the nights as a fast, agile, and powerful vampiric eternal entity. Feast on blood, and invoke terror as night falls. Just avoid the sun at all costs.

Brew a variety of different beverages. Get drunk and watch yourself stumble around and have your friends laugh as you become unable to speak cohesively! These drinks include beer, wine, tea, gin, and more. Make vineyards and large farms to supply yourself the ingredients needed to become a master at brewing alcohol. 


Marry another player to be given helpful abilities. These include the ability to tp to them, and gain double exp when near them. Marriages are a fun event on the server, and are great for roleplay!


Join and change multiple jobs. From being a chef, to mining, to being an adventurer, paid for your mapping of the world, there are many ways to make money on the server. Pick up to three jobs (and a bonus 4th job if you’re in a nation) and start making money and leveling up!

There are multiple religions on the server. Join one or create your own! Make sacrifices to your god to gain their favour, and use your faith power to unlock goods and blessings in your lords name. Gain as many followers to your faith as possible.

There are many events on the server. Be it from simply the daily raffle, to weddings, games of hide and seek, parkour, pvp battles, and much more! Come join in on the games, or host your own!

The classic mcmmo experience is here. Level up a variety of different skills, like wood cutting, archery, unarmed, acrobatics, and so on! Gain unique advantages for each skill, and become a stronger and stronger warrior.

Those familiar with towny, will enjoy this set up. It’s a much more factions styled set up. Simply make a town, and claim land. Invite more people to your town to gain more power. You can even buy up to one thousand bonus power! Work together to make amazing cities! With no overclaim, you’re free to let your inner builder go crazy.

The world can be very dangerous. We’ve strived to find a balance between both being pvp friendly, and friendly to those who have no pvp skills, and wish to simply build and roleplay. Towns can disable pvp in their claim, making them safe. The wilderness and key locations in the server have pvp enabled though, so it suits the best of both worlds!

What really makes or breaks a server though, is its staff and community. Both are in great order here. Log in to a server that will immediately welcome you, and invite you to their towns and social circles. Enjoy an active, non-abusive staff who are easy to reach for whatever issues you have. Our community is dedicated, active, loyal, and very friendly. We have a very active server, and very active discord community!

MC Empires
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MC Empires
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