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Empires. The first real player ran server. We encourage players to create their very own universe. From cities, democracy, and rivalries to roleplaying as different factions and leaders within these areas you yourselves have created. Earn money from by selling valuable items or trading goods with other players to crawl your way to the very top of the economic food chain. Almost nothing is off limits, battle it out with your enemies and allies while also taking on the global set of rough and tough mobs that come out at night to terrorize anyone they can get your hands on.

Want to explore, join, or make your own massive city? Do it!

Want to become rich? Visit markets players have made, or create your own! People can even create their own warps for a high fee. Warp to a factions market, or create your own and dominate the economy.

Want to roleplay? We have tons of people who love roleplay. Because factions are so big, factions make warps. 

Annoyed that most servers have virtually no mobs on them? Oh, you’re in for a surprise. When night comes, you better hope you’re somewhere safe. Both peaceful and hostile mobs are everywhere.

Like pvp? You’ll enjoy it alot here. Fight your enemies all day, every day! Fight to the very last diamond!

Want to join, or even host your own events? You can! Host anything from roleplay events, to pvp events.

Worried about the one thing that ruins every server, staff? No problem here. Staff have ZERO involvement in gameplay. This is a mature server. Did someone say a bad word? Too bad. Did you get banned off a server because you killed someone? Not here. No socialspy. No saved chat logs. No cheating, no abusing powers.

MC Empires
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MC Empires
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Version 1.12
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