GrabbMC Survival SemiVanilla!

GrabbMC Survival SemiVanilla!

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Welcome to GrabbMC! A newly founded and launched minecraft semivanilla PVE survival server (with PvP arena for those who want's to challenge others).

GrabbMC is located in France but has a wide range connection to people all over the world and our goal is to become one of the best minecraft communities out there. With our "Oldschool" staff we have been playing Minecraft since beta days and we really do hope that you will enjoy your stay on the server!

GrabbMC is ran by the four friends CrunchyBk, Axelk200, Raayinator & Feroz1337.

For now we use discord to take feedback and grow as a community and we will start working on a site further ahead!

GrabbMC Survival SemiVanilla!
Server Information
Registration DateMarch 03, 2018
Last Pinged15 minutes ago
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Version 1.12
CountryFrance flag