XXMC Network (NarcoWars)

XXMC Network (NarcoWars)

XXMC Network (NarcoWars) ip: play.xxmc.org

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We are proud to announce the Public Beta Launch of XXMC (the parent network of NarcoWars), the most modernized and realistic role-play factions environment around today. Our staff has spent countless hours to make this server the most engaging gameplay powered by a resilient dedicated servers packed with 64GB of high performing i7 RAM, Redundant Offsite Backups to keep your data secure, and a unique assortment lightweight plugins for lag-free custom gaming. 

We are here to present you a unique server that adds real vehicles like cars, tanks, and helicopters to Factions and Raiding with a DrugCraft economy spin and real player police confiscating illegal items.NarcoWars is more organized, educated, and user-centered than others. The owner's vision to architect a scalable custom server hub drove the birth of NarcoWars, with the mission is to become a leading community factions server and hub. We have the resources and processes to enable us to do so, but we need your active participation to foster our vibrant community.

This is the first public launch of a server that is not afraid to stand head to head against any competition thanks to the diligent planning and preparation by our senior staff. With a crime economy spin, there is endless potential for more crime-based worlds to add. Will you take the risky route of a notorious drug dealer, or will you confiscate contraband as a police officer and become a hero? The choice is yours - so tell me, which is your path to prosperity?

Here’s just a taste of what will you will find when you join us @ play.XXMC.org.

XXMC Network (NarcoWars)
Server Information
Discord Linkhttp://www.discord.xxmc.org
Registration DateMarch 27, 2018
Last Pinged5 minutes ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.12
CategoriesPrisonPVPSkyblockSkywarsGTAOP PrisonNeed StaffCapture The FlagCops And RobbersFactions
CountryUnited States of America flag