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SereneMC Semi-Vanilla

SereneMC Semi-Vanilla

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Hi there! Serene MC is gearing up for it's full release to the public! We are a new up and coming server filled to the brim with plenty of fun and interesting things to partake in. You'll be hard pressed to find any dull moment while enjoying our top of the line server. Along with that, you'll have a kind and knowledgeable staff team to guide you along the way should you run into any problems.

What does this server has to offer?

This server is chock-full with features, backed by our custom terrain world. This includes:

- MCMMO / Custom Rankup System / Custom Terrain / 1.13 Terrain / Vote Crates / Silk Spawners / Upgradeable Spawners / Player Markets / Random Teleport / Jobs / and all regular members get /back!

Amongst all of these great features, our server runs on state of the ark hardware to ensure the best possible play experience for everyone. We use a dedicated machine that is more than powerful enough to run thousands of players with zero lag or random disconnects. Your progress and play experience are very important to us, and we will do the best we possibly can to make sure your accounts are safe and your connection is flawless.

We also have our own Discord server which you can find upon joining!

Respect staff and their decisions!
Do not grief and steal or scam!
No bullying, be kind to all players
Do not use mods that give an unfair game advantage!
Do /rules in game for a full list of rules!
We ask that you please take a minute of your time to read these to avoid any complications in the future. Our rules are by no means strict, and we encourage good spirited humor. Stick to the list and you'll have no problems during your stay at SereneMC.

A look at our Custom terrain!

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SereneMC Semi-Vanilla
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Registration DateApril 20, 2018
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Version 1.12
CountryUnited States of America flag
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