Reversal Prison

Reversal Prison

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Join this unique prison server where EVERYTHING is reversed! Mines, Ranks, PvP, Crates, Staff and more. Server includes donor ranks, PvP, prestiges, crates, drop parties and most importantly, a balanced game! This means that the game is NOT pay to win, PvPing someone with the best kit, is possible to kill them with any other kit! Including the worst. This balanced game also allows you to reach the last rank in less than a week! You' don't need to buy a rank, you don't need to grind for years.

We got a growing community with lovely, friendly staff members and friendly players as well!

Join the server and experience what you can't experience anywhere else!

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Minecraft Version: 1.12.2

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Reversal Prison
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Reversal Prison
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Registration DateMay 02, 2018
Last Pinged8 months ago
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Version 1.12
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