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EzureMC - Net

EzureMC - Net

MCMMO Towny War Community 

Here at EzureMC we are a friendly community server which is based mainly around Towny. You can join our server with any version from 1.8 to 1.10! We feature many custom plugins and unique features, such as Towny, Crates, McMMO, Jobs and more. The EzureMC team strive to solve any player needs and to fulfil all player expectations to aid our server in standing out from others alike. Since we are a fairly new server, we are in the process of finding valuable staff members to assist us in developing our server to the best of its capabilities by dedicating time and effort into EzureMC. EzureMC offers top monthly voters with rewards, prizes and gifts to thank you for your time and effort, and also plan on hosting many inter-server competitions to make sure that the Ezure community remains active, enjoyable and interesting. Moreover, voting and taking part in competitions can reward a player with all sorts of things ranging from in game money and perks to ranks!

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EzureMC - Net
Server Information
EzureMC - Net
Registration DateJanuary 16, 2017
Last Pinged
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.12
TagsMCMMO Towny War Community 
CountryMinecraft Servers in United States of America
Server TypeMinecraft Java Edition