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House Of Bending - Avatar - Elements

House Of Bending - Avatar - Elements

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- CHOOSE AN ELEMENT AND CONTROL IT, BEND IT! - FIGHT IN ARENAS - PLAY SURVIVAL - FACTIONS - TONS OF EVENTS - MINI-GAMES - 24/7 What is bending? Bending is a plugin which is based on an anime called Avatar- The Last AirBender (And The Legend of Korra which is the anime that follows it). What's special in this plugin is that you can CONTROL the four elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Air This plugin gives you abilities which help you in combat and survival without destroying the gameplay. EXTRA INFO: Name: HouseOfBending Version: Updating with the minecraft's updates (1.7.2 at the moment) Type: Bending, Survival, PVP, Fun :D ;) IP: Online time: 24/7 Main Plugins: Essentials, Bending, Factions Premium/Cracked: Premium Owners: MaNoUsOs13 and ManosPitsis1

House Of Bending - Avatar - Elements
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