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Welcome to Crimson Ingot...

You have discovered a unique and exciting Minecraft Roleplay Server experience. Crimson Ingot is an ever changing world - where you become a part of the story. This is truly a PVP RP experience like none other - The fighting is fierce but the Role-playing is also encouraged and truly rewarded - It really is an enjoyable and enriching experience.

When you enter the land of Templehelm you will find a land full of Magic, Intrigue, Adventure and Deities!

These omnipotent Deities watch over the Denizens and Land - and you will gain particular Powers, Skills and Abilities depending on the Creed you choose to align with - each having unique game-changing powers. Impress these Deities with your Shrine and Temple building skills to receive favour and reward. The most pious may even have a Deity follow them into battle to bring a gods wrath down from the heavens.

Discover some unique classes that enable interesting and varied game-play.

The land is filled with powerful magic - destructive and defensive spells are a big part of this world brimming with energy and excitement.

Explore the map to seek amazing Treasure and walk into a story being played out before your eyes.

Discover the amazing Settlement building system that allows for Factions to gain even more Traits and Powers to vanquish their foes or protect their brethren.

Epic Bosses and Unique Items - The lore comes alive with the chance meeting of key characters in battle and by finding special items that are priceless due to their history and power.

We run a serious server with a great collection of plugins - including: MagicSpells, MCMMO, DiabloDrops, NPCs, Factions, Economy, Shops, Classes and many more!

However the plugins are just a small part of what makes Crimson Ingot and the land of Templehelm an amazing place.

There is much, much more - but this you will have to discover for yourself...

Crimson Ingot
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Crimson Ingot
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