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Clownfish's Everyone Is Welcome Minecraft Server

Clownfish's Everyone Is Welcome Minecraft Server

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Clownfish's Everyone Is Welcome Server (often called CFEW by its members) is a 7 year old server (recently switched to bungeecord) dedicated to providing a fun and enjoyable experience to anyone who stops by. We offer a variety of worlds/servers and game modes (listed below) to suit everyone's needs. Our staff works hard to ensure that our server provides an environment suitable for all ages. The server is maintained and funded by adult owners! All ranks are free.

Our servers:
1. Slimefun Server - Gather your own materials (or buy from other players or the server shop) and build. Difficulty set to peaceful, /fly is available and keepInventory is on! Don't like peaceful? Join the attached Dark World instead and battle custom mobs and bosses!
2. Survival Server - Provides a traditional survival experience (mobs enabled, and damage is on).
3. Creative Server - Choose from four different plotworlds (35x35, 75x75, 135x135 and 251x251). Architect ranks get access to worldedit in these worlds! MasterArchitects get access to Voxelsniper. Architects also have access to their own flatworld to build in.
4. Games Server - This world offers Bedwars, Soccer, Counterstrike, PVP Arenas, HG Arenas, Paintball, Parkour, MobArena, Mazes and much more!
5. Skyblock / Acid Island Server - Build your own island and get resources from the skyblock shop.
6. Sandbox World - A different creative/survival/adventure map is uploaded each month.
7. Regular community events - building competitions, zombie apocalypse survival maps, clan wars, and more!

1) No cursing (including abbreviations,misspellings, and acronyms e.g. "WT*")
2) No discussion of controversial subjects (religion, politics, etc.) or illegal activities.
3) No harassment or cyberbullying.
4) No griefing, hacking, or use of exploits.
5) Respect the staff and other players.

Clownfish's Everyone Is Welcome Minecraft Server
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Version 1.12
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