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Deadman Dungeons

Deadman Dungeons

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Deadman Dungeons is a unique Roleplay server that combines everyone's favorite server types; Minigame, MMORPG, Puzzle, Prison, Adventure, and Hardcore PVP into one seamless experience. So what does this mean? There are hundreds of ways to play Deadman Dungeons, how you build your story is up to you. Server Features Below! · Unique Adventure Dungeon Themed server · One of a kind Prison Gameplay · Intense PVP and team-based Arenas · Challenging puzzles and quests · Over 15 massive custom plugins · Custom abilities · Custom weapons and items · Hundreds of secrets to uncover · Enormous custom-built world to explore · Custom dynamically-changing Musicplugin · Older and more mature server staff · A hardcore server for hardcore players

Deadman Dungeons
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Deadman Dungeons
Registration DateJanuary 16, 2017
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Version 1.12
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