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MonkeyCraft Creative

MonkeyCraft Creative

Creative Minigames Roleplay Spleef TNT Small Fun Building 

MonkeyCraft Creative. A place where builders become masters and have fun. Build together with great players. And even play minigames if you need a break! We aim to provide fun, not a boring plot server. We try to get as much custom fun plugins, as well as small minigames. Custom Fun? You say custom fun, but what do you mean? I mean fun stuff that don't have a lot to do with Creative, but are helpful or fun, like elevators, cars or roleplay stuff. Of course, they should be usuable for creative, not fall completely out of the lore. List of fun stuff we have so far, and which grows every few days: -Pets and DisguiseCraft -Talking Mobs! With a lot of written lines of text including jokes, eastereggs and references to games or youtubers! -Falcon PUNCH! -Sittable chairs! -Custom sounds on leave, join, teleport, combat and chat! (toggleable) -You can have friends, give them gifts and see if they are online! -No more anvil needed, just hold your weapon and type /rename or /relore! Ranks: -Guest -Master (For the best builders, not used yet) -VIP (Talking Mobs, more and bigger plots, reserved slot and more) -VIP+ (Full WorldEdit, Pets, Nicknames and more) -Hero (Even more pets, full DisguiseCraft, better join messages, even bigger plots, FalconPunch and more) Minigames: -BowSpleef Aside from those things, we are also made for optimal building. This includes: -WorldEdit -No melting ice or snow -No dissapearing leaves -No fire spread, so fireplaces are completely safe to use -Lava doesn't cause fire -No griefing mobs, enderman don't grief, creepers don't explode, Withers disabled -No TnT -No splash potions or exp bottles to prevent people annoying you

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MonkeyCraft Creative
Server Information
Registration DateJanuary 16, 2017
Last Pinged
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Version 1.11
TagsCreative Minigames Roleplay Spleef TNT Small Fun Building 
CountryMinecraft Servers in United States of America
Server TypeMinecraft Java Edition