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---------------------------About us:-------------------------------- Exploration Craft is a Social community based Server that has been around for almost three years now. We have many features on our server that lets you play either in the PVP, survival or creative building ways. -----------------------------Features----------------------------- Antigrief - Grief Prevention plugin : The ability to claim land and prevent griefs. - Lockette: A plugin to prevent theft. Economy - In Game Currency - Player owned chest shops - Large sign shop - votifier enabled Transportation - Warps: Instantly teleport to over 20 locations - roads - /tpa & /trahere - Horses! Minigames - Horse tracks - Survival Wars - maze - spleef - King of the ladder PVP - Player heads: Have a chance of beheading your foes - Safe zones & pvp zones And much more.. - Mcmmo - great staff - zero lag. ----------------------------Rules----------------------------- 1. No griefing or blocksnatching 2. No hacks or X-Rays 3. No stealing from claims 4. Respect players and staff 5. No raging about PVP 6. No advertising or 7. Respect all genders, races and religions. NO RACISM 8. Don't create contraptions for the sole purpose of lag 9. Don't build near other players without asking them first 10. No nagging the staff 11. No spamming. -------------------------------Ranks-------------------------------- [V]- Given to frequent members $] or [D]- Donators [JMOD]- Junior Moderator [MOD]- Moderator -------------------------------EXTRAS---------------------------- 50 SLOTS Website: We look forward to meeting you!

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