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We are a new server, running on a dedicated host 24/7 with 6 gigabytes of RAM! We are running a brand new 1.7+ map with all the new biomes! We are primarily a survival server but also have creative plots, dungeons, and games (Skyblock, MobArena). We have a stocked store, a great server economy, user shops, lottery, and auctions. You can earn credits by killing bad guys, or selling farmed materials, or voting through our website ( There are no real cash donations, so nobody can buy any special privileges, but we do reward our best players with perks. Find a spot you like, and drop a chest, with GriefPrevention, you can protect that spot and make it your home. We also run the popular plugins; McMMO and ChestShop.
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Registration DateMay 17, 2018
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