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Battlezone Towny PVP

Battlezone Towny PVP

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Battlezone Towny PVP server ip:

Build, Fight, Survive! Welcome to the world of Battlezone! Towny server with lots of extra goodies Battlezone features something for everyone including: - Survival - Building Towns - PVP - Economy - Role Playing - Creative World - SkyBlock world Special arena world including: - MobArena - Team PVP - Free for All - Infection - Capture the Flag - Survival Games - Parkour - Spleef - Bamboo Slap! - DeathCube - Rainbow Fighters - Connect 4 - Paintball Server events including: - Quick Build Challenges - Lottery Prizes - Treasure Hunts Overview of Battlezone: - Online since March 2012 with a 99.9% uptime! - Hosted on a dedicated server with a Xeon 1230v2, 16GB RAM, 3TB drive and 320GB SSD dedicated to minecraft. - Amazing Spawn with custom villager trade shops, admin shops, player shops, and spawn condos. - NO restrictions for not donating! You are not limited, there is no whitelist, and no signup required to play! - Basic donation rank which includes 3 sethomes (same as elder rank) with the choice of $10,000 in-game money, Diamond armor set, or Diamond tool set. - Earn better ranks with more perks in game based on how much you play on battlezone. - Staff play 100% Survival mode when not building projects for the spawn or server! - Friendly, fair and experienecd staff to make the battlezone experience the best it can. - Cheaters are banned instantly and are not welcome back! We have a high success rate with catching people who x-ray. - PVP is encouraged but we do draw a line on excessive herrasment, spawn killing, and trashing areas outside towns. - A special world where players can build creative on a protected plot. Noteworthy plugins: AutoRank, BouncyBeds, ChestShop, DeathMessages, Essentials, Lift, Lockette, LotteryPlus, Minigames, MobArena, MobBountyReloaded, PlayerHeads, Shopkeepers, SurvivalGames, Towny, TreasureHunt. Stop by today and experience everything minecraft has to offer with a combination of the best plugins to enhance the experience. IP:

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Battlezone Towny PVP
Server Information
Registration DateJanuary 16, 2017
Last Pinged
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.12
CategoriesCreativeEconomyParkourPVPSkyblockSurvivalTownyCapture The FlagMinigamesSpleef
CountryMinecraft Servers in United States of America
Server TypeMinecraft Java Edition