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Sundered Society

Sundered Society

Economy PVP MCMMO Towny Fun Popular Building War Mob Arena 

Server Information: Server IP: Website URL: About the server: Sundered Society was established in November, 2012. We are ran by staff members who are mature, friendly, and do not abuse their powers. Also, we never use donations for personal gain, every penny is used to help the server stay alive and promote it. We are unique in the fact that we do not use schematics when building any of our structures. Our players are treated with respect and dignity, we go out of our way to make sure the player is having a fun experience. It is our goal to provide a fun environment for our players. Plugins: Sundered Society is a minecraft server that focuses on towny. Players can join, create, and expand a town. We encourage our players to start a town and become the most popular town in the server. In addition to towny, we also focus on the economy. Players have an option to join three jobs. Jobs help earn players money which can be used to buy a town. Players can also create chestshops which will further help them earn more money. Maybe the safe nest of towny doesn't appeal to you? Well that is fine, we promote PvP on our server by hosting PvP events and towny war events. Still not enough? In addition to towny, economy, and pvp, we also have Mcmmo. With Mcmmo, the player can level up their skill in swords, mining, woodcuting, and more so that they can obtain resources more easily and become number one on the server! Also, we have mob arena and mario kart so that you can never be bored. Voting: At Sundered Society, voting is a little bit different from other servers. We like to award players points on our forums when they vote. With these points, players can claim items such as saddles and pig spawners. We also award ranks that can be claimed using points. Points are obtained each time a player votes. A maximum of 25 points can be obtained every day. In addition to this, we also listen to the player's suggestions. We are more than happy to add additional items to the voting shop if requested by multiple players.

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Sundered Society
Server Information
Sundered Society
Registration DateJanuary 16, 2017
Last Pinged
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.12
TagsEconomy PVP MCMMO Towny Fun Popular Building War Mob Arena 
CountryMinecraft Servers in United States of America
Server TypeMinecraft Java Edition