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<img src="" alt="Logo"> Our Server is full of wonderful experiences. We have Guilds PvP, SMP and Creative Plots, and OP Prison. Creative has its own seperate Ranks, these are FREE, Though to earn them you must gather up BuilderPoints by building! Each of these are on separate maps! Our server also has a few mini games access them with /games. Games: MobArena, Spleef, Free for all, and Parkour. The server also has custom plugins made specifically for the server! Almost everything is GUI based like our server shop /shop (survival) If you're new type the command /help to see the server wiki Guilds PvP: Guilds PvP is a non stop experience. You'll gain buffs and increase your stats by sprinting, fighting, etc. Guilds PvP is currently in the Beta stage, a lot is to come! (raiding/grief is allowed) Survival: Experience the fun and originality of classic survival minecraft. With new mechanics and features and a self operated easy to learn protection system. The fun is endless Creative: Unleash your creativity. Get your own privite plot so you can build epic structures with your friends or alone. As you build you'll gain Builder Points, use these to rank up with /rankup. Each rank has it's own commands/features! OP Prison: Mine ores/blocks and sell them to try to rank up!, rank up to Prestig-Z in order to escape prison! upgrade your pickaxe with /upgrade Why us? Well, that's simple. We are built based by community relations, and by the community. That means, the server is always willing to change and flexible with the players. If you have ideas or suggestions, go ahead and throw them at us! We're here for you, the players. Website:

Snowy Craft
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Snowy Craft
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