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Fantasia Universe - Where dreams and fantasies become reality!

Dedicated 24/7 powerful lagfree server, PVE/PVP, many ranks with perks, stable economy, player based shops, lot/chest protection, friendly staff and community, online for 8 years and still going strong!

Multi-world universe system with many worlds with their own unique purpose. Worlds:

Fantasia - Economy based, McMMO, peaceful/survival with all the current biomes. Here you have the choice to play in peaceful OR survival.

Callisto - Modded Minecraft without a client! Survive using SlimeFun's amazing additions.

Artifex - Creative

Arcadia - Skyblock

Auryn - Minigame world. Pvp/Mob Arena, Spleef, Deathcube, Casino, Chess, and many more!

Many FREE and donor ranks. Each rank will unlock more of the Fantasia experience. Donor ranks are very cheap and offer many perks! Donor rank perk details: Highly informative site with EVERYTHING you need to know about Fantasia. Visit at

Friendly, tight-knit community. Top notch, friendly staff here to help you enjoy your Fantasia experience to the fullest.

Fantasia Universe
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Fantasia Universe
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Version 1.14.4
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